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Owners Guide

Good Impressions

We recommend both flipping and rotating your mattress regularly to
help it wear more evenly, newer beds have just one “right side up.” For a brand new set, avoid lumps
and bumps by rotating it end to end every two weeks for the first four months, and then every three
months after that

Strong Foundation

Your mattress is only as good as the foundation that it’s placed on—ideally
a good-quality ensemble base that you purchased at the same time as your mattress.
Keep it up by checking the legs and castors every six months to see if they
need to be tightened.

Get Covered

While a fitted sheet can help to protect the mattress, you’ll keep it even safer from dirt and stains if you first cover it with a thick or waterpro of, washable mattress protector. Beyond that, some mattress covers
provide extra padding for comfort, as well as protection from allergens and bedbugs

Keep it clean

You might not think of taking a vacuum to your mattress, but you should. Regularly
giving it a clean sweep helps to keep dust from becoming ground into the mattress.
Spilled something? You can dab at it with warm soapy water, but avoid getting it any
more wet than you have to since moisture creates a breeding ground for mould.
Then, let it dry completely before making the bed.

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